Fight Night Champion Review

I’ll be reviewing Fight Night Champion for Xbox-360 today.  You want to know my credentials? I was the number 1 ranked middleweight on Fight Night Round 2. Yeah I know I’m pretty awesome.  Anyways, this post isn’t about me it’s about this delicious morsel just released by EA sports.


For those of you who want the cliff notes version, this is the best Fight Night ever released.  I’m not sure if it’s the smooooth punching, the faster gameplay or how each fighter feels so unique from the next.  Most likely its a mix of everything.

The graphics are top notch, probably the most realistic I’ve seen in any game.   You can import your real

face onto your boxer using EA’s website.  I used my face from FIFA 11 and it looked great on my boxer, much better than FIFA 11.  When you see your real life look alike get smashed in the face and the replay actually shows your face contort and mold it self around the glove it’s pretty amazing.


The one problem everyone seems to have with the game so far is the new stun punching. With a few wins you’ll have enough experience to upgrade your punches to have a chance to stun every time you throw them.  You can completely out box, out smart and out play your opponent and still get put to sleep or stunned in 1 punch as long as they have that punch upgraded.  It’s a cool feature against the Computer but against player’s it’s pretty effin frustrating to fight smart t just to have the other guy curl into a ball and wait for you to punch so he can hay-maker counter you FTW.  I guess you can play the same way and be a huge gaping puss but I like to get in and mix it up. So far online these stun counters just promote people to sit and wait and never throw or move forward.  Most people we have fought online so far makes their guy max arm length and max height so they can run and counter stun the whole time.




ONLINE: Review Coming

Look for our strategy guide coming in the next couple of days. We will also be reviewing the online GYM, we started ours last night.  With a few days of practice and hopefully EA servers that don’t kick us off every fight, we will begin the domination.

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