Metal Gear Rising Revengeance PC Review

Metal Gear Rising Reveangance is a hack-n-slash action game for Xbox-360, PS3, and most recently, PC. Following large praise for the console version, MGR:R was announced for PC in May last year and released Jan. 9th along with its downloadable content included for free. This game is canon to the very popular Metal Gear series and allows you to take control of Raiden, a cyborg soldier with a heavily modified sword.

Having played video games for a large majority of my life I opted to play on the Hard difficulty setting despite some talk of the game being difficult.

Positive thoughts;

-The gameplay is insanely smooth and has almost no drawbacks.
-When you start a combo on your target(s) it’s hard to want to stop even after they’re “dead,” other than using Raiden’s signature Zandatsu to
cut them into hundreds of tiny pieces.
-While the graphics may not impress the elitists, they were very good for how smooth the game was. I didn’t experience any noticable framerate drops.
-Every boss fight was unique and had different mechanics, some simpler than others but all enjoyable.
-The game offers full controller support if you wish to use it, although the keyboard+mouse controls were well done.
-Raiden is somewhat customizable with different armors, some of which have effects such as carrying more health packs or more grenades.
-There’s multiple weapons each with unique “moves” and upgrades.metal gear solid revengeance

“Negative” thoughts;

-Some claim that the parry system is hard to learn but I didn’t have that trouble at all so it may depend on your skill with games in general.
-Boss fights may come off as difficult or maybe “impossible” to some players at first but each one has mechanics that can be learned and countered.
-There are many complaints about the camera’s functionality, but once again I didn’t have any trouble with it at all and it may depend on your ability to use a mouse.

Mixed thoughts;
-The game is somewhat short when it comes to actual gameplay, but features very well-done cinematics.
-Its short length may be for the better as some people might have found it to become “repetitive” if too much was thrown in. I personally found it just right while still leaving me wanting more (another game or DLC.)

This was an excellent game overall and I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys hack-n-slash games with a decent storyline.

Thoughts on the Jetstream Sam and Bladewolf DLC’s coming soon!




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